Garcinia Cambogia: Nature's Answer to Weight Loss

"We can't keep the stuff on the shelves!"

In my investigations into this new supplement, I've heard this stated time and time again by small store owners and supermarket managers. They're all scrambling to keep garcinia cambogia in stock and available to customers. Since a certain television doctor proclaimed the supplement as a miracle weight loss product, there has been a run on supplies.

This has led many manufacturers to cut corners in order to keep up with demand. There have been many incidents where the FDA has shut down facilities that were producing inferior products and utilizing fillers and binders that were unhealthy for human consumption.

"It's a shame that some manufacturers feel the need to produce an inferior product just to fill their bottles. At Creative Bioscience, we've always maintained the highest standards in production," stated Ike Blackmon, CEO of Creative Bioscience. He continues, "All of the ingredients in our Garcinia Cambogia are 100% natural. We've received awards for the quality of product we produce. Since we're the #1 seller of many supplements, we've been ahead of the curve on the demand. We've never run short on product and we have always maintained the utmost quality."

Unfortunately, the industry is lagging behind Creative Bioscience® in quality and production capabilities. It is refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that are committed to quality over profits.

With regards to the actual product, what makes it such a miracle fat burner? Garcinia is extracted from the rind of the Indonesian fruit Garcinia Cambogia, also called tamarind. In South Asia, Garcinia has been used for centuries for its weight management benefits because it is especially filling. Today we understand why people use it to slim down: it contains HCA!

The next question that is posed is, what is HCA? HCA (hydroxycitric acid) blocks fat by inhibiting citric lyase, a key enzyme necessary to convert carbohydrates into stored fat. Blocking citric lyase also stops production of LDL cholesterol and lowers triglyceride levels. (Triglycerides are the main form of body fat, the kind that builds up on your trouble areas - hips, belly, waist.) Other proposed weight loss actions of HCA include appetite suppression and increased thermogenesis (fat oxidation). HCA may also control cravings by boosting serotonin levels in your brain.

What about cold hard facts to back up these claims? Studies support HCA's effectiveness in "reducing fat absorption, increasing fat metabolism, inhibiting appetite, and lowering LDL cholesterol."1

Researchers believe HCA shows promise for weight loss.2

It appears that this product is the real deal. There are studies and doctors who vouch for its efficacy. And even with the recent spike in demand for the supplement, there are still companies who have been around for years that are doing the right thing and producing the highest quality product possible. Companies like Creative Biosciences are leading the way in the supplement industry and creating a sustainable model that will help them create customers for life.

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2(Richard A. Collins, Hydroxycitric Acid and Weight Loss, The Biomedical Scientist, September 2006, 1-4.)