Mission Makeover™ airing on Lifetime Television®

Creative Bioscience® Weight Loss Products to be Featured On Mission Makeover™

Following hot on the heels of the successful launch of Garcinia Cambogia 1234,
Creative Bioscience® has just announced a partnership with the Lifetime Network and the Balancing Act's Mission Makeover. Starting next season, Mission Makeover will take several lucky contestants and give them access to the highest quality weight loss products, provided by Creative Bioscience.

In addition to the weight loss supplements, they will also receive expert advice from world famous nutritionists and physical trainers. With a combination of these weight loss tactics, the women of Mission Makeover will transform their bodies over a twelve week period and shape their ideal figures.

The benefits these women gain will not only be weight loss. The contestants will also have more energy, less health problems, better stamina and a brighter outlook.

"Creative Bioscience® is proud to help these wonderful women in their mission to makeover their lives and bodies. To help them in their missions, Creative Bioscience® will supply them with a daily diet supplement that they will take every morning to help boost their weight loss results," Jacob Blackmon, COO of Creative Bioscience® states.

Creative Bioscience® is also planning on adding another supplement to the contestants' regiment. They're being tight lipped about it, but have given us hints that it might be one of their night time diets. These fascinating products boost weight loss results while an individual sleeps. Most weight loss products would find this task insurmountable for the sheer fact that their products usually make people jittery by packing their products full of caffeine and other stimulants.

Creative Bioscience® has found a way to get around the jittery and alert feeling that comes with most weight loss supplements. Their proprietary formulations do not use the classic stimulants and instead focus on natural products that help block fat formation.

"We believe that our proprietary formulations are going to help take these contestants' weight loss results to the next level." Ike Blackmon, Executive Director of Creative Bioscience® says. He continues, "We're excited to show the world that weight loss isn't just a sun up to sun down process, but rather a 24 hour endeavor."

The Tipping Point and Mission Makeover can be seen on The Lifetime Network daily at 7am. Creative Bioscience® is located in Murray, UT and carries products that are sold nationwide.

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